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To the vast majority of people I know, every year or 2 something needs updating. Your phone, your laptop, PC, tablet, your dog, whatever, and heading towards the final quarter of the year now I am proud to say other than buying a whole new camera kit, I have not spent too much on tech!

As always though I do have some stuff I really want to get my hands on and in no particular order here is my top 5 tech wishlist for the rest of 2014

  • Smart watch: must have a heart rate monitor and can tell the time quickly, needs more than 2 days of battery life. I am starting to think this is unrealistic for 2014. Moto 360 was a bit of a disappointment.
  • PS4/Next Gen Gaming Console: I am a big fan of FIFA and I suspect with my PS3 controllers dying I will need an upgrade, enter PS4. If only they made a FIFA machine that just ran FIFA and all it's updates, I would buy that instead.
  • Macbook Air 11: I badly need a light laptop to carry around for more productive times when an iPad just does not cut it. If it had a retina/high resolution display I would dump my iPad in a heartbeat. If the iPad can get Retina, then why can't their basic laptop?
  • The next Mac Mini: This machine has not had an update for over 2 years. 2 YEARS! I don't think I own any tech that is older than 2 years =p. I am starting to need a Mac that is cheap but can hold decent amount of storage as well as powerful enough to process my photos and some video. The Mac Mini if updated will answer these prayers and please Apple, please do not make it like your current laptops and iMacs where barely anything is upgradable. Plus it's small and sexy.
  • A new phone, I have not decided on which one yet but this is becoming a yearly thing for me to upgrade my phone and with my disappointment of the iPhone 6 plus (I really am not a fan of the design tho it is indeed thin) I may stick to a new nexus.
What is the new Google Nexus going to look like?

What is the new Google Nexus going to look like?

Other than the Smart Watch, there is nothing too revolutionary about the list. I feel we are at a point of time where things are evolving and getting refined rather than products that are new and bold. I am not an apple hater, I have an iPad and a Macbook but I found this below funny and proves my point where our devices now probably does have enough power to do everything we need it to do, just want something that looks nice and feels nice in our hands. Which Apple does very well.

iPhone6 vs Nexus4


It is not all about the specs guys but really, I lol'ed.

So does specs and power really matter to you in your devices? I am a sucker for the good numbers but as long as it doesn't "lag" I am fine.
What are your top 5 wishlists for 2014/2015?

Take care all!

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