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So I love food. I love my gadgets. I don't mind taking photos.

Hello and Welcome! 

My vision is to provide my opinions on some of the favourite things in my life so I may be able to help everyone somehow make informed life decisions on what they buy and where to eat . I will give tips and hints on what to buy, my top 5 stuff, my recommendations and show off my photos as they improve over time. These are all my opinions, if you feel I am lame and am completely wrong then you can send me a note and we can chat all day about how awesome life is. 

All in all, I had some spare time and I thought this would be nice. Actually I had ALOT of spare time.... maybe too much... I need a friend

Reviews for Food
Mini Review (forgot my camera, sadness but will use the phone)
Full Review (I got my camera, lets eat!)
My Expectations (which can get wildly unrealistic sometimes, I expect unicorn's tears in my gelato!)

  • $ = mains less than 15
  • $$ = less than 30
  • $$$ = less than 60
  • $$$$ = more than 60

I will score it out of 30, where:

  • Taste - by me is rated out of 10
  • Taste - of a random 2nd poor soul I find is rated out of 5
  • Service - rated out of 5
  • Value - rated out of 5
  • Awesomeness of the Experience - rated out of 5

Technology Reviews 
Tech is a little harder so I may use some basic criteria weighted out (like Design, Features, Experience, Value) of 10

  • Quick Thoughts (haven't seen or touched but heard about)
  • First Impressions - for gadgets that I am not buying but have experienced for a few minutes
  • What I expected
  • Basic Specs
  • Stuff I liked and Stuff I did not like
  • Conclusion 
  • Why would you buy it?

Anyways I hope you guys enjoy and come back anytime, like really anytime, I don't think the internet is going anywhere anytime soon =p

Have Fun!

Contact Me

If you are bored and feel like contacting me...

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Current Gear

Full and Heavy Camera Bag:
Fujifilm X-T1
18-55mm f2.8-f4.0
14mm f2.8
23mm f1.4
35mm f1.4
52mm f1.2
Giottos VGRN9255 Tripod
Some pretty lame Cokin Filters

Rest of my toys:
Macbook Pro 15" Retina (2012)
Dell Ultrasharp U2713H
Nexus 5
iPad Mini (2013) Retina
Klipsch X11i


Mac Mini 2014 (if it ever arrives)
Macbook Air 11"
Moto 360 (lame)
PS4/Xbox One just for FIFA
New Computer Table
Less injuries from sport

Need to eBay

Fujifilm X-E1
Nokia Lumia 920
My MTG Collection (sadness!)
iPad 1
Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth NC Headset